Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year and First Finish

 Happy New Year! I finally did some sewing for me! I made a sample just to make sure so I didn’t add pockets or hardware to it but I really like the simplicity of it. It’s a keeper. I needed a bag that would fit my iPad and other essentials for me to take to church. My other bag was a little too small. I was also wanting to test out some new interfacing to reduce the bulk to see if it would still stand on it’s own and have some body. I’ve been hoarding cork fabric for a long time so since I have so much of it I thought it would be fitting to pair cork and canvas together.

I started out by cutting all of the materials to the size I think I need. The interfacing was cut a little bit smaller to prevent it from making the seam too thick to sew through. Luck would have it that I had one long brown zipper so I decided on a zippered closure. In keeping with reducing bulk on the seams I added my straps below the zippered area. You don’t know how many times I really wanted to add some rivets to jazz it up, but I didn’t since I was testing out the materials. 

The cork and canvas went through my machine just fine. I didn’t have any issues. I also did a narrower topstitching than usual and I really like it. The pairing of cork and canvas worked out really well. I love the look and feel of the materials. 

Here’s a couple closeup shots of the canvas lining. I really love the sturdiness of it. I hope this year I will be able to do some sewing just for me. There’s just something about just sewing anything that lifts my spirt. 

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