Sunday, July 3, 2022

New Bag

I pulled out my waterproof canvas to test out some interfacings that have been sitting around. I am a big fan of fusible fleece and foam interfacing depending on what I am sewing but with canvas I decided to put some decovil light to the test.

I drafted this pattern up because it’s summer and I really needed a bigger beach bag than my previous patterns I did. I interfaced decovil light all around the exterior and decovil heavy at the bottom of the bag. I also did the same for the printed fabrics in the hopes of giving it some structure. the lining I also interfaced with decovil light. Keep in mind that usually foam would be all that I would need even when I sew with vinyl or cork. It was a struggle to turn. I had to ask my children to help me turn the bag since it was pretty stiff.
My take away from this is that although I love Decovil light it is not for interfacing waterproof canvas. Makes it really stiff. On the other hand, although this bag was heavily interfaced, it didn’t stand up on it’s own, maybe because my bag was really big. It makes an awesome beach bag due to the bag being mostly waterproofed. I don’t have to worry about the interior getting wet. It’s really nice and roomy with six exterior slip pockets, 3 interior slip pockets and a large zippered pocket. 

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