Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cloth Napkins

There are times when you just want to make something quick. I suppose this is one of those times. Napkins are always a fun make.

I have been meaning to make a bunch of cloth napkins for my family to use and do away with paper napkins, but there's always something going on and it kept getting lower and lower on my priority list. I sat down for half an hour and whipped these up. Its super quick and easy plus they're reversible.    I love these fabrics from Lecien (Flower Sugar). I am going to be sad when I use them all up.

I hope you've enjoyed the hop and found inspiration along the way to make your own small projects and knock out some fabric from your stash.


Turid said...

These are so sweet. I've never made napkins, but you inspire me. Thank you.

Anthea said...

Very pretty Kim... fabric ones are much nicer than paper! Dare I say it, too pretty to use?!

Terry said...

These are so pretty. Can you tell us how they were made (size and such), and folded? Thanks!